Single origin is when the Coffee Bean is from one growing region or farm and therefore not mixed or blended with any other region.

The regions where coffee grows, known as ‘origin regions’, are grouped loosely under three geographical nameplates: the Americas, Africa and Arabia, and Indonesia.

Within these regions, coffee grows in almost 80 different countries. The character and flavor a coffee bean produces vary with its growing latitude, altitude, climate and harvesting method.

All coffee beans have an optimal roast: a point within the roasting process where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity, and flavor meet perfectly, resulting in a most desirable, optimal roast.

This focus on single origin coffee removes the luxury of blending a variety of beans to create a well-rounded cup of coffee therefore only allowing At Origin Coffee to buy the highest quality coffee available in order to satisfy the requirements of an amazing coffee bean.

Our vision is to allow the coffee drinker the opportunity  to know the country through its coffee. Single origin beans are roasted  with a light hand to showcase their natural fruitiness.